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Tiger Jimmy Tattoo has been in business in San Diego since 1975. What sets our shop apart from other tattoo shops is that we are a friendly, family-run business, with courteous and professional artists that take pride in all their work.

Besides the artwork itself, the placement and size of your tattoo is also important in getting that perfect tattoo. Make sure you have an artist that has enough experience in knowing your skin type and also the placement of your tattoo. We have over 100 years of tattooing experience between all the artists combined.

Have an old girlfriend's or ex-spouse's name that you want to get rid of? We specialize in cover-ups at a very reasonable cost. We also specialize in Chinese characters, tribal tattoos, and military designs. We have over 2,000 tattoo designs for you to choose from. Or if you need a custom tattoo, our talented artists will work with you to create that ultimate tattoo that you are looking for.

Want a Custom Tattoo?

Do you have an idea for a really cool custom tattoo? Simply bring in a conceptual drawing and let our talented artists customize your tattoo for you.

With our years of experience, we can often transform your ideas and turn it into a work of art. Other tattoo shops can turn your sketch into a decent tattoo. The difference between a decent tattoo and great tattoo is in the special touches that only a talented artist can do.

Here is an example of 1) a conceptual sketch from a customer, 2) what a typical tattoo shop could do , 3) the extra flairs that we add to your tattoo to turn it into a great tattoo!